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Manufacturing Services

We are manufacturing high quality prototypes and a small quantity of plastic parts

Vacuum Casting

The technique of casting polyurethane resin elements in silicone moulds is used to produce functional plastic prototypes or final products in small quantities.


  • High-quality surface texture
  • Quick delivery
  • Complex shapes
  • Any colour according to the RAL palette
  • Fully transparent castings
  • Stiff materials

Our Products

cylindrical, wide - hands free door opener


Door handle, simple everyday item is one of the most dangerous transmission points. We offer products that help to open the door without using the palm. This might reduce the risk of infection or transmission.

FODO - foot operated door opener

FODO – foot operated door opener

FODO (Foot operated door opener) – an ideal solution for doors that do not require the handle to be pressed/pulled/twisted and do have a built-in door closer.

This small, firm and durable stainless steel product will help you open the door just with your foot. FODO is attached to the bottom of the door, easy to clean and simple to use – just press the product with your foot and pull the door towards you.